Singapore Memory Training Program

Elevate Your Memory:

Unleash Your Full Potential by Learning to 10X Your Memory in Just One Day!


Singapore Memory Training Program by 6x World & National memory Record Holder, Sancy Suraj. For this memory training course, you will learn the following:

1. Gain Mastery Over Memory: Learn 7 Powerful Techniques to Memorize Information Personally & Professionally, such as Speeches, Presentations, and Meeting Agendas.

2. Master the Art of Name Recall: Never Forget a Name Again, Remembering Clients & People You Meet Like a Memory Champion.

3. Rapidly Memorize Important Dates & Financial Digits: Discover the World’s Easiest Memory Technique for Swift Recall.

4. Ensure Appointment Success: Never Miss Another Work or Personal Appointment Ever Again, Guaranteed!

5. Elevate Focus and Concentration: Uncover the Secrets Memory Competitors & Wall Street Traders Use to Keep Their Mental Acuity Through the Roof.

6. Simplify Daily Life: Strategies to Remember Where You Placed Daily Objects like Keys, Glasses, Locked Doors, and Parked Cars.

7. Master Memory Transfer: Learn How to Efficiently Transfer Information from Short-Term to Long-Term Memory.

8. The Impact of Diet on Memory: Explore How Our Local Diet Is Affecting Our Memory and Discover the Best Foods to Eat and Avoid for Optimal Cognitive Function.

9. Protect Your Memory as You Age: Easy Ways to Minimize the Risk of Memory Deterioration and Maintain Cognitive Health.

10. Make an Impact in Meetings: Master the Art of Memorizing Meeting Agendas.

11. Impress in Meetings: Learn How to Stand Out by Memorizing Meeting Agendas with Ease.

12. Simple Strategies for Reading Recall: Unlock the Techniques to Remembering What You Read and Enhance Comprehension.


Date & Time: TBA, 9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: S$889.97 (NO GST)

Location: Live Online Learning with Instructor

Max Class Size: 12

Be Personally Trained by a 6x World & National Memory Record Holder.

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    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Sancy Suraj reporting in! I was born and brought up in the sunny city of Singapore, where my pretty good memory became evident.

    My Qualifications:

    “In 2011, I had the honor of representing Singapore at the World Memory Championships, where I left an indelible mark with my exceptional memory feats. Notably, I memorized 176 abstract images in 15 minutes, 98 words in 15 minutes, 480 numbers in 60 minutes, 51 names and faces in 15 minutes, and 460 binary digits in 30 minutes.

    2011 was the year of my crowning achievement as I held the world record for the longest colour sequence memorized.. In a display of unparalleled memory skills, I memorized 160 colours in 5 minutes 20 seconds and recalled them flawlessly.

    I hold the prestigious Singapore record for pi memorization and recitation. With unwavering dedication, I memorized & accurately recalled 1505 digits in just 30 minutes, showcasing the limitless potential of the human memory. This extraordinary feat was made possible through the sponsorship of RedBull and GNC.

    Since its inception in 2011, Pinnacle Minds, a memory training company established in 2011, has been a leading provider of memory training in Singapore.With over 40,000 adults & students taught through our transformative workshops, comprehensive courses, and inspiring lectures, we have become a trusted name in memory enhancement.

    My portfolio boasts collaborations with over 100 companies, featuring prestigious names like Singapore Airlines, Bank of Singapore, Maybank, United Overseas Bank, Mapletree Investment, GIC, and Nasdaq, showcasing my diverse industry expertise.

    You can locate my book in respected stores such as: Apple BooksBarnes & Noble.

    Memory Course Testimonials

    “Sancy’s memory techniques have made a significant impact on my life. I’m amazed at how simple they are to implement, yet how powerful they are in improving memory. The module on names and faces has been particularly beneficial.”

    “I’m incredibly grateful to Master Sancy for his teachings on memory work fundamentals. He simplifies everything, making it approachable and practical. These simple techniques have made memory work effortlessly applicable to my day-to-day work and living. Thank you!”

    “I am immensely grateful to Sancy for their teachings on memory empowerment. Their insights were both intriguing and highly applicable to my line of work. Mastering memory skills is a crucial factor in achieving excellence, and Sancy’s guidance has been invaluable. Thank you!”

    Have any doubts or queries? Reach out to me, your trainer, directly.

    You can contact me by calling +65 6714 6663 during office hours

    or emailing me at outside office hours.

    Invest in your memory skills! Register now for 1 year access to 8 online memory courses worth $1899.97! at Singapore Memory Training Program

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 1: Improve speech delivery by mastering a step-by-step memory technique for quick memorization.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 2: Improve your ability to memorize presentations quickly and deliver them flawlessly without notes.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 3: Improve your memory capacity for names through the science of memory technique.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 4: How to Remember More of What You Read: Accelerate your reading comprehension and memory retention with effective techniques before, during, and after reading.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 5: The Method of Loci Mastery Blueprint Course: Improve your ability to quickly memorize large amounts of information.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 6: Improve your ability to memorize general knowledge facts easily with proven memory techniques.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 7: Improve your ability to memorize foreign languages quickly with lightning-speed techniques.

    Singapore Memory Training Program

    Course 8: Improve your ability to memorize a shuffled deck of cards quickly with proven memory techniques.

    “Despite his many renowned accomplishments, Mr. Sancy is a speaker who embodies humility and wields significant influence. We offer our heartfelt gratitude for the inspiring lunchtime talk you provided. The memory improvement techniques you shared were met with awe and delight by both guests and trainers, captivating their attention. Your creative and interactive facilitation methods successfully kept our guests intellectually engaged throughout the session. Let’s give three cheers to Sancy and his exceptional five-star lunchtime talk!”

    Pinnacle Minds offers a distinct and effective memorization technique that is both captivating and interesting. I want to send a message to the speaker, Sancy, saying, “You were amazing! I truly enjoyed your presentation—it was excellent, and your imagination was simply hilarious! You made the memorization techniques so much more exciting and livelier. In fact, immediately after your valuable sharing, I quickly worked on a new lesson delivery approach. Thanks to you, I now start my lesson delivery (especially for theory modules) on a great note these days.” “Thank you very much for making such an impact on me, and I hope our paths cross again in the near future!”

    “Embark on an illuminating journey at this event, where a memory expert imparts invaluable techniques to enhance memory capability through neuroplasticity. Through hands-on practice, participants engage in thought-provoking exercises, thoroughly enjoying the session. The event’s meticulous organization, delicious culinary options, captivating topics, and interactive sessions with the trainer make it an event worth recommending to other Nasdaq offices.”

    With Sancy’s humorous and exceptional delivery, the lunchtime talk became an enjoyable and effortlessly comprehensible occasion. By implementing his effective memorization techniques into the exercises he devised, the content instantly became more relevant and practical for us. The knowledge we acquired from his talk has laid a solid foundation for us to further improve our memory.”

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